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About Us

The main priority of Green Wave is promoting civil education and liberal values. 

The first non-governmental radio station Green Wave was founded in 1995 by Association Green Wave to advocate principles of democracy, reinforce the development of civil society and support institutional strengthening of the media sector in the country. Association Green Wave is a 100% share-holder of radio Green Wave.  (Declaration of Conformity)

Radio―Green Wave takes an active participation in achievement and accomplishment of the Association goals. All the projects and activities of Association are realized with help of radio ― Green Wave,  that is why the mission and activities of Association and Radio Green Wave are inseparable. The 100% share of the Radio is owned by Association Green Wave.

Since 1998 Radio Green Wave has been a member organization of AMARC and has implemented 7 large-scale projects in partnership with European broadcasters.

In 2000 the radio-bridge Tbilisi-Baku-Erevan was held, which gave an unprecedented opportunity to the listeners of conflict-affected countries to listen to the dialog of three partner countries.

In order to strengthen development of democratic values and gain public support for the idea of civil society “Green Wave” established new branches in Akhaltsikhe and Tskhinvali in 2001, the Corporative Net of Independent Radiostations of Georgia - in 2002, and Batumi branch - in 2004.

In 2004 the broadcasting net was expended and “Green Wave” covered the whole territory of Georgia by means of 16 FM transmitters. The connection between studio and transmitters are supported by satellite, so, it’s possible to listen to the radio in any European countries.

A special attention is paid to the corporate partnership and current public and political event monitoring.

Radio “Green Wave” has 15-year experience of cooperation with radio “Liberty” and BBC.

Since 1995 about 70 projects have been implemented with the support of international organizations directed to the community development.

Almost all significant public movements were initiated and supported by Green Wave

CENEN-Net of the Western European and Caucasian radio stations, initiated and organized by Radio “Green Wave” with cooperation of  13 European  radio partners, promotes Euro integration via implementing various art projects.

Currently Radio “Green Wave” is running international project “ Radio Stream

and project  " Carmen "


2014-03-11 13:49:21 ::


I am not sure that Putin is in touch with reality – Merkel

Anders Fogh Rasmussen calls on Russia to stop threats

Biden urges Ukraine government to show restraint

Georgian citizen found dead in Kiev

Viktor Yanukovych agrees to scrap anti-protest laws


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