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Gharibashvili congratulates Estonian PM on winning elections

Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili has congratulated his Estonian counterpart on winning in the recent elections.
According to the PM’s press service, a phone conversation was held between Irakli Gharibashvili and Taavi Rõivas. Georgia’s PM wished Rõivas success in his future endeavors. The Parliamentary election process in Estonia was held

Washington calls on pro-Russian separatists to cease fire

As Press-Speaker of the U.S. Department of State Jen Psaki has declared, Washington calls on the pro-Russian fighters to cease fire in eastern Ukraine.
According to Psaki, the USA continuously observes the Ukrainian developments and is very concerned about them.
According to the Ukrainian government, the pro-Russian separatists are

President offers Gvenetadze as a Supreme Court candidate

President of Georgia Giorgi Margvelashvili has presented Nino Gvenetadze as a candidate to lead the Supreme Court. She is well educated and a former Supreme Court judge.
When National Movement was in power, Nino Gvenetadze’s authority was suspended along with that of several other judges.
Her candidacy was

Four killed as a result of a Luhansk blast

Four have been killed by an explosion that took place in Luhansk yesterday. According to, the blast damaged several houses and started a fire.
Later, another explosion occurred near the city’s old marketplace. The precise number of those injured is still unknown.
According to the Normandy Four agreement

Bundestag is set ratify Georgia-EU Association Agreement

Georgian Foreign Minister Tamar Beruchashvili met with President of the German Bundestag Norbert Lammert, who is on a business visit to Georgia along with a Bundestag delegation.
The delegation is planning to hold meetings with representatives of the legislative and executive authorities.
Georgia’s Foreign Minister gave a high assessment to

Kramatorsk death toll increases to 16

The Kramatorsk death toll has increased to 16 as a result of continued shelling, - Ukrainian government reports.

“As a result of studying maps, photos and the scene itself, it has been discovered that the recent shelling came from the south-west,”- the OSCE report reads.

According to

USA Today publishes map of Ukraine without Crimea

On Tuesday, the front page of USA Today displayed a map of Ukraine that does not include the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow seized last year and voted to formally annex in March, - Foreign Policy reports.

A spokesperson for the newspaper giant did not immediately respond to a

Director of Prison #17 detained

Georgia’s law enforcers have detained the director of Prison #17. As InterPressNews has been informed, inhumane treatment and torture of prisoners is the basis for his detention.

Director Giorgi Elizbarashvili maintains his innocence and refuses to plead guilty.

As Elizbarashvili’s lawyer Tamar Abesadze told InterPressNews, he is

Gia Sosanashvili sentenced to detention

Tbilisi City Court has sentenced Gia Sosanashvili, accused of Yuri Vazagashvili’s murder to pre-trial detention. The Prosecutor’s Office demanded this measure be taken. Judge Gogita Totosashvili presided over the trial. As Sosanashvili states, the charges against him are absurd and he is not guilty.
Investigation is in progress according article

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Gharibashvili congratulates Estonian PM on winning elections

Washington calls on pro-Russian separatists to cease fire

President offers Gvenetadze as a Supreme Court candidate

Four killed as a result of a Luhansk blast

Bundestag is set ratify Georgia-EU Association Agreement


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