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EU to impose new sanctions against Russia from Monday

The European Union is expected to announce its new sanctions against Russia on Monday, a number of European politicians said late Friday. “Our intention is that the formal adoption of this package [of restrictive measures against Russia] will be done through written procedure on Monday,” a joint letter by the

NATO will provide Ukraine with 15 million Euro - Rasmussen

NATO will assist Ukraine with 15 million Euro in order to strengthen security forces, - the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen stated during a press-conference held in Wales after the Ukraine-NATO commission session.
‘’The allies will provide Ukraine with approximately 15 million Euro,’’- Rasmussen remarked.
As per him, NATO

Ceasefire protocol formed in Donbas

The Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko said during the NATO Summit that a preliminary protocol to start a ceasefire was signed in Minsk.
The truce is expected to start at 17:00 on Friday. “We hope we will announce the ceasefire at 17:00, Minsk time,” Poroshenko said.
The document was signed

Maia Panjikidze: We have great expectations for NATO summit

We have great expectations about the next NATO summit, - the Georgian Foreign Minister Maia Panjikidze told reporters before departing for Wales.
As per her, the Georgian side expects that a concrete package will be offered and also NATO will provide us with a serious message that Georgia is closer

Barack Obama to attend NATO summit

The US President Barack Obama will attend the NATO summit in Wales. According to BBC, Barack Obama will leave for the town of Newport this evening from Estonia.
As per current information, the US President arrived in Estonia this morning where he will meet with the presidents of the Baltic

David Cameron warns Russia

Russia's relationship with the rest of world will change 'radically' unless the Ukraine stance alters, says UK Prime Minister David Cameron, the BBC reports.
Russia tries to force Ukraine to put aside its democratic choice, Cameron said.
According to him, presence of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory is unacceptable

Russia keeps piling aggression on Ukraine-Davit Usupashvili

In the words of head of Georgia’s parliament, Davit Usupashvili, Georgia’s stance with regard to Ukraine is in full harmony with that of our day-to-day democratic society.

"Unfortunately, a downward spiral of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has proven to be endless. We have witnessed how this country is

94 countries will have visa-free travel with Georgia

As per preliminary information, visa-free travel was abolished for 24 countries and still is in force for 94. As per the Director of the Consulate Department of Georgia’s Foreign Ministry Giorgi Tabatadze , the list of the countries which will have visa-free travel was approved today.
The number of these

Poroshenko called Merkel a «friend and lawyer of Ukraine”

As the foreign media outlets inform, “the head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with arrived in Kyiv German Chancellor Angela Merkel called it «a good friend and a strong advocate of Ukraine ".
Opening the meeting, Poroshenko said that in the last 2 months spoke with Merkel Over twenty times.

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President vetoes the bill on NBG

PM meets European Parliament delegation

SWAT team member testifies against SWAT officials

National movement welcomes president"s veto

Zurab Zhvania"s doctor was questioned at the trial today


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