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Mikheil Saakashvili- we missed our Historic Opportunity

We missed the historic opportunity of creating one of the best education and technology centers throughout the world, posted the president of Georgia on his Facebook page.
As Saakashvili declares, the American Technology University was envisioned to be completed in the summer of 2013. First students were planned to

Apathurai makes a statement concerning forthcoming elections

NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs in the Caucasus and Central Asia welcomes the decision of Georgia’s authorities to involve International observers in the October elections.
“I am glad that Georgia’s government decided to invite a wide spectrum of observers which will monitor the election process. This

resident vetoes amendments to the Law on Higher Education

The President has vetoed amendments to the Law on Higher Education. Minority member Sergo Ratiani confirmed the above-mentioned information to InterpressNews.
The bill was drafted by the Ministry of Education. According to the bill, the academic position of an assistant will be added to the academic staff that will

Human trafficking discovered in Achara

MIA discovered four incidents of Trafficking in Achara, after taking certain investigative measures, the officials of the Chief Municipality of Achara found traces of Nargizbeg Raxmanova, born in 1984. As it turns out, the accused is involved in human trafficking.

Rakhmanova is also charged with ordering the murder

U.S. embassy makes an explanation

U.S. embassy in Georgia has made an explanation about Richard Norland’s facial expressions when President Saakashvili was giving his speech on the USS Bulkeley’s reception. “It’s regrettable that some people decided to make the wrong interpretation about ambassador Norland’s expressions when Saakashvili was giving his speech on the Bulkeley. The

Norland-Cooperation with Georgian armed forces will continue

Bilateral cooperation with the armed forces of Georgia is successful, the U.S. ambassador Richard Norland said after the reception at the U.S. military ship Bulkeley. The ambassador says that the message of the ship’s visit is very simple.
“Over 20 years, U.S. has been supporting maritime security in the

Usupashvili: Cooperation with U.S. is of vital importance

The chairperson of Parliament of Georgia Davit Usupashvili says that cooperation with the U.S. is of vital importance for the country. Usupashvili said after the reception at the U.S. ship Bulkeley, the event is politically important.
“We are glad to have the opportunity to host the U.S. military ship

EUMM calls for restraint after Kveshi incident

The EUMM calls for restraint after Kveshi incident. The EUMM web page informs that on “10 August, at approximately 11.00am, an EUMM patrol was conducting routine monitoring activities near Kveshi. A shot was fired from the other side of the Administrative Boundary Line, after a Georgian police vehicle appeared and

A man arrested and charged with robbing a church

The employees of the regional municipality of Dedoplistskharo detained Akaki P., born in 1992. The detained is accused in robbery. As the Ministry of Interior Affairs informs, the investigators found out that the accused unnoticeably penetrated through the church of Saint Seraphim Saroveli and stole money from the charity box.

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Georgian citizen found dead in Kiev

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