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Life of wounded policemen safe

Life of the policemen, wounded in the special operation in the village of Khorga, Samegrelo region, is not in danger.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the policemen are slightly wounded and they feel normal.
A special operation was carried out in the village of Khorga yesterday. One

Batumi detainees fined 100 GEL

Merab Giorgadze and Jimsher Kurtskhalidze, detained during the National Movement election meeting, were fined 100 GEL each by the Batumi City Court. As for another detainee Jemal Duadze, his trial will be held today.
The above-mentioned people were arrested for administrative violations and minor hooliganism. As InterPressNews correspondent informed from

Obama expects borrowing limit increase

US President Barack Obama says he doesn't expect Congress to breach the deadline to increase the nation's borrowing limit.
He says he's willing to negotiate changes to his signature health care law and to find ways to reduce spending, but stresses he will not bargain until after Congress reopens the

Members of Lithuanian Seim visit Vano Merabishvili in prison

Members of Lithuanian Seim, being in Georgia, visited Vano Merabishvili, General Secretary of United National Movement (UNM) Party in prison.
The delegation members said that Merabishvili did not have to be imprisoned. They claimed that his being on freedom did not pose a threat to the public.
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Petition calling for boycotting Sochi Olympics

A petition has been launched by the citizens of Georgia calling on Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili, President of the National Olympic Committee Leri Khabelov and Ministry of Sport and Youth Levan Kipiani to reverse the decision about participation in the Sochi Olympics.
“While the Russian government systematically violates the 12

Government releases statement on Sochi Olympic Games

The government of Georgia will make relevant political decisions if the Olympic Games are ‘extremely politicized’, the government’s statement says.
‘Everybody is well aware that the decision on participation of the Georgian Olympic team in the Olympic Games was very difficult given the occupation of the Georgian regions. Despite

Saakashvili: Putin will not miss a chance to humiliate us

Vladimir Putin will not miss a chance to humiliate us, President Mikheil Saakashvili told journalists while making a comment about the information that one of the torchbearers of the Sochi Olympiad will be the ‘hero’ of the August war – Ivan Nicahev.
According to the President, Putin will do his

Georgian MIA arrests seven for underworld connections

Georgian MIA arrested seven for underworld connections: Lasha Z. (born in 1990), Irakli K (born in 1983), Mirian Ch. (born in 1985) and Jaba Kh. (born in 1979), who were convicted of multiple counts. Nikoloz G. (born in 1990), Amiran D. (born in 1985) and Zviad E. (born in 1990)

20 years pass since the fall of Sokhumi

20 years have passed since the fall of Sokhumi. The Abkhazian side broke the 20 July Sochi treaty and attacked Sokhumi on 16 September 1993. After the 11-day fight the Abkhazian-Russian troops and north Caucasian fighters seized Sokhumi. Thereafter, the towns of Gulripshi, Ochamchire, Gali and vicinity of Enguri River

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Resolution on Georgia posted on PACE official website

New Afghan government signs US troops deal

21 years have passed since fall of Sokhumi

Gharibashvili addresses Abkhazians and Ossetians from the UN

U.S. and allies launch air strikes against Islamic State


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