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მეთორმეტეკლასელებისთვის პრეტესტი ტარდება

მეთორმეტეკლასელებისთვის პრეტესტი მიმდინარეობს.
საატეტატო გამოცდების წინ საატესტატო გამოცდებზე დარეგისტრირებული ყველა მოსწავლისთვის პრეტესტი ტარდება. საქართველოს 1600-ზე მეტ სკოლაში პრეტესტი ორი დღის განმავლობაში 8 სესიად ჩატარდება. დამამთავრებელი კლასის მოსწავლეები აპრობაციას ყველა იმ საგანში გაივლიან, რომლის ჩაბარებაც საატესტატო გამოცდებზე მოუწევთ.
პრეტესტის დასრულების შემდეგ, 21 მაისს მეთორემეტეკლასელებისთვის საატესტატო გამოცდები დაიწყება, რომელიც 30 მაისს დასრულდება.

:: 2012-05-19 13:18:59 ::

"Suspension of Free Trade Agreement is not a big tragedy"
According to the Georgian Prime Minister, Irakli Gharibashvili, suspension of the Free Trade Agreement with Georgia by Russia is not

President leading National Security Council meeting
The National Security Council meeting is under way at the governmental administration building. The session is being led by the

Russia stops Ukraine juice imports
Russia's consumer protection watchdog said on Thursday it had stopped imports of Ukrainian juice, Moscow's latest trade ban announced following

Reason of Sigua
Giorgi Sigua, who was dismissed from the post of National Tourism Administration Head, has arrived at the work today. According to

The president of georgia pardons 280 prisoners
According to the Chairman of the Parole Commission Zviad Koridze, there are 8 females and 10 minors out of 280

US and EU widen sanctions on Russia
US President Barack Obama has announced new economic sanctions against Russia, saying they will make Russia's "weak economy even weaker",

Fire localized at the Gulf oil base
Fire has been localized at the Gulf oil base on Tskalsadeni street, Tbilisi. According to Emergency Service Chief Temur Giorgadze,

New charges against Vano Merabishvili and Gigi Ugulava
The former Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili and the former mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava have already faced new charges. The new

Mikheil Saakashvili has been charged
The former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has already been charged in absentia. His lawyer Otar Kakhidze has already been

Nutsa Buzaladze wins in “New Wave” 2014
Georgian contender Nutsa Buzaladze has won in the thirteenth annual international musical contest “New Wave” 2014. The 17-year-old singer performed “In

Flood in Guria region
Latest heavy rains cased flood in Chokhatauri district, Georgia’s western Guria region. Inclement weather infected damage to the locals. The flood


"Suspension of Free Trade Agreement is not a big tragedy"

President leading National Security Council meeting

Russia stops Ukraine juice imports

Reason of Sigua

The president of georgia pardons 280 prisoners


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